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Nacházíte se zde: NabídkaNástrojová ocel pro práci za studenaNC6

NC6 (-----) stock sizes [mm]
sheets from 2 to 6 mm thickness
round bars from Φ 6 mm to Φ 453 mm diameter
flat bars and squares from 16 mm to 400 mm width


oil hardening cold work tool steel, keeping dimensions after hardening, wear resistant

machining and cutting tools, taps, threading dies, shaped drills, cutting tips, gauges, small dies, shaped rolls for rolling metal sheets

Chemical composition [%]

C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Mo W V Co Cu
1,3-1,45 0,4-0,7 0,15-0,4 max 0,03 max 0,03 1,3-1,65 max 0,35 max 0,2 max 0,2 0,1-0,25 - max 0,35


PN W. nr EN AISI Russia (GOST) Other
NC6 1.2063 - - - 145Cr6

welding NO  
forging YES  
nitriding NO  
hardening YES temp. 810 - 830 [°C] oil
tempering YES temp. 150 - 260 [°C]

after toughening 60 HRC
after softening 255 HB

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